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Chhuk-Chhuk-Chhak Author: Vinita Krishna Illustrator: Suvidha Mistry Translator: Ritu Singh
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Nanhi picked up her slate and chalk. She wanted to draw a long, l-o-n-g train.
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Nanhi first drew an engine which gave out a lot of smoke, for the long, long train.
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“Oh dear! Now where shall I make the coaches?” Nanhi wondered, for there was no more space on the slate.
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N anhi put the slate and chalk down on the floor and thought.
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She drew a coach on the floor. Then a second coach, then another, and another, and another... Nanhi just kept drawing.
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Until her chalk got over. Nanhi got up and took a look. Wow! Her train was as long as the verandah!
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And off went Nanhi’s train – Chhuk-Chhuk-Chhak, from here to there, so very far!
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