Image 1
Smile Please! Author: Sanjiv Jaiswal 'Sanjay' Illustrator: Ajit Narayan Translator: Manisha Chaudhry
Image 2
A fawn was racing in the forest.
Image 3
He was ahead of the rabbit.
Image 4
He was ahead of the elephant.
Image 5
He leapt and cleared the stream.
Image 6
He ran past the crumbling wall.
Image 7
There was a large boulder on the grassy plain. He stumbled and fell down.
Image 8
He burst into tears.
Image 9
The monkey massaged his leg. Tears flowed from the fawn's eyes.
Image 10
Brother Bear picked him up. The fawn didn't stop crying.
Image 11
His mother came. She said, “Look, we’ll beat up this bad boulder!”
Image 12
The fawn said, “Oh, don’t do that or he will also start crying.” His mother laughed. So did the fawn.
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